John H Shaw


John H Shaw is a Reverend of the Church of Satan.  He is the owner of iSatanist and is the co-host of The Devil You Know Podcast and owns a Film Production Company!  When he isn’t providing Satanists world wide with the Satanic jewelry and aesthetics they desire, or if he isn’t busy recording hilarious episodes of TDYK, or out filming, he is busy with Third Side Network’s expansion!  John’s works have been published in books, magazines and all sorts of media on the Internet, including “Krampus: The Unholly King” published by Dark Moon Press, “Devil’s Due: Essays of the Elite” published by Dark Moon Press, featured in Old Nick magazine, and his words can be seen in “The Satanic Warlock” by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson, as well as countless interviews on podcasts and vidcasts!  He is a practicing Director, Film Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Web Developer and also also produces the Witching Hour with Jessie Twain and Marlene Shaw.  John created the show Dark Arts – Satanic Artisans on the Third Side Network!  John enjoys firearms training and practice, Martial Arts, motorcycles, archery, and self-preservation on many levels!

Jared W


Jared is a Satanist in the Church of Satan. He resides in Florida, is married and is a father of four. He enjoys studying religion and philosophy. He loves firearm training and practice, and is an avid gamer.  Jared spends his time outdoors, boating, fishing and spending quality time with his wonderful family! He even was a guest host on The Devil You Know Podcast. He also is involved in the new show coming soon called On The March – Church of Satan News!  Jared joined Third Side as the co-host and it was the best decision we’ve ever made!


Episode 1 - 8 Jan LII A.S.
Episode 2 - 26 Feb LII A.S.
Episode 3 - 6 Apr LII A.S.
Episode 4 - 5 Jun LII A.S.
Episode 5 - 20 Jun LII A.S.
In the beginning...

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Before the show came to fruition, I spoke with Adam P Campbell about my ideas for a show and for a Satanic Network.  Over dinner in his home, he seemed very excited to hear my ideas and even offered some thoughts on it.  Knowing Adam quit 9sense, I was excited to bring him on board because he insisted on offering his time to it and promised to give it his all.

We spoke about Third Side and what my thoughts and desires were for it.  Adam insisted he be a part of it since he had extra time due to quitting 9sense and I thought he would be a great fit.

Due to unforeseen creative differences, Adam informed me he will be pursuing his solo interview show and could not devote the time and energy that Third Side demands.

I wish him luck.

I then reached out to Jared who replaced Adam and as you all can see, was an amazing choice due to his wit and wisdom!