“Satanism demands study, not worship!” -Anton Szandor LaVey

Study, Not Worship is designed to be an in-depth look into Satanic literature. The panel, made up of Jeff Bowling, Lorcan Black and Citizen Valefar, along with occasional special guests, will be working through the entire Church of Satan canon over the course of the series.

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Lorcan Black


Satanist Lorcan Black is a Correctional Officer, Drummer for Brackish Tide and Multi-Instrumentalist for Eyes of Octavia. Some of his writing can be read in the short-story collection “Terror in London” from Dark Moon Press.

Jeff Bowling


Warlock Jeff Bowling is a United States Army combat veteran, actor, writer, professional wrestler, fight choreographer and stunt performer. He is the Lead Vocalist and Songwriter for the bands Slave To Reality and Embrace The Forbidden. He is also the National Commander of the Infernal Legion.

Citizen Valefar


Citizen Valefar is an author and a scholar from the Pacific Northwest. He’s a Registered Member of the Church of Satan and owns a small farm with his wife and two children. When he isn’t solving problems as a technical support analyst, he can be found re-enacting medieval times and studying Western Martial Arts, concocting specialty craft beard oils and soaps, and creating content for hit multiple YouTube channels.  A man of many words in general, he has a lot to say on the subject of Satanism and the Satanic Bible and is proud to be a member of the “Study, Not Worship” cast.


Episode 1 - 6 Jan LIV A.S.