Devilmaycare is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and professional bullshit detector,  In addition to holding degrees in business and psychology, DMC has devoured hundreds of books on the subject of business, marketing, investing, and finance in the never-ending search for applicable strategies and tactics that he can apply to his own ventures.  Outside of business and finance, his obsessions include herpetology, NLP, social dynamics, music, wilderness camping, and martial arts.


Mammom brings to the table a decade of experience in various aspects of the financial industry including investments, mortgages, credit, insurance, and bank programs. Having worked both in the field and behind the scenes, he has a unique insight on subject matter that caught the eye of Devilmaycare and led to an invitation to be co-host of TROAE. When he’s not working, he enjoys studying philosophy, and spending time with his family.


Episode 1 - 13 Oct LII A.S.