Left or Right? Democrat or Republican? Black or White? America is divided like never before and one of the main causes is our inept news media. From poorly researched fluff pieces and biased reporting, to fake news and alternative facts, the media has shown that they have all been bought by the highest bidder. It’s time for something different.

Enter Good Mourning America. Driven by his frustration with the current state of “journalism”, and a desire to find out what is truly happening in these trying times, Lorcan Black enlisted the help of his co-host Jeff Bowling and the Third Side Network to bring you news and current events from a Satanic point of view, a truly third side perspective.

Every week, Lorcan and Jeff (with special guests) will attempt to navigate the maze of the modern world and get to the core of what’s really going on. So, grab a cup of coffee (or a shot) and get ready to say, “Good Mourning America”!

Lorcan Black


Satanist Lorcan Black is a Correctional Officer, Drummer for Brackish Tide and Multi-Instrumentalist for Eyes of Octavia. Some of his writing can be read in the short-story collection “Terror in London” from Dark Moon Press.

Jeff Bowling


Warlock Jeff Bowling is a United States Army combat veteran, actor, writer, professional wrestler, fight choreographer and stunt performer. He is the Lead Vocalist and Songwriter for the bands Slave To Reality and Embrace The Forbidden. He is also the National Commander of the Infernal Legion.


Episode 1 - 8 Jan LII A.S.